It occurs to me, a version of the Codec Side Kick could be used as a "room busy" indicator based on the codec in the room being in a call.   This could be a strip of Plexiglass mounted on the wall outside of the room with Green for the room not in a call and Red if there is an active call.   Basically, an on air tool.

Assuming this was connected via WIFI and Port 24 or Port 22 (ssh), this would be a VERY small solution that would not take much to setup.

Sounds like a great little cost effective solution !

Gary Miyakawa
That "little" Lock, indicating the call is encrypted is pretty small..  Sometimes, with overscan, it might not even be on screen.   Codec Side Kick could provide a secondary HDML monitor that could show either a "Lock" on the screen or possibly flip the colors on the LEDs on and off.   Either (or both) could be done.   With the audio output of Codec Side Kick, you could even have a voice message "Your conference is Encrypted". 

This could be great for Medical facilities to make sure you meet HIPPA compliance.
Every walked into a video conferencing room, sit down and start talking for while...    Then suddenly a voice from the dark says, "Hi Gary" ?....    Yep, the video system was in a call but the monitors either were not on or not set to the right input.  Codec Side Kick could help prevent this by glowing the panel under the camera either Red (muted) or Green (in an active call).    This could help you from making a career limiting comment ! :)

You know, when I started working on this, I didn't realize how far back in time some of this goes for me.    Codec Side Kick can help your VTC users to know when their system is muted or not.   (nice red indicator next to the camera).   This might even get them to look at the camera sometimes ! :)

It also has the ability to make changes in the codec based on events.   Those events might be start of call, end of call, sleep, or even time of day (like that weekly reboot everyone has asked for).

As I was making the edge lit acrylic board, I remember the first time I ever did this.  It was a LONG time again...   1974 in fact.   My brother had made me a digital clock based on a small computer (the ran off 12v) and sat behind me in my 1972 Yellow bug.   I had the Digital clock in place where the Ash tray used to be.   Now remember, this was 1974.    How many digital anythings did you have back then ! :) :) 

Well, I had a (wait for it) 8 track player in the bug along with a small amp.   Between these two, I had mounted a 1/4" piece of plexiglass.   Behind it, I mounted a yellow LED light.    So, I've been doing this edge lighting for a long time...   Who knew it would come back to this !

Anyway, take a look at the videos show Codec Side Kick in use and please feel free to ask any questions !


Gary Miyakawa


    I'm Gary Miyakawa, I've been around video conferencing for a long time.   Feel free to drop comments about Codec Side Kick here.  Look forward to reading your thoughts.


    June 2017